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Sweetness and Light Scented Candles

Whenever I think of my honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast, I think of drinking Champagne at Sunset looking out over the water.  But the one smell that takes me right back to Positano is Lemon.  The fresh Verbena Lemon from the beautiful toiletries in our hotel.  Our Lemoncello candle brings it all right back!

Sometimes the smells you least expect bring you right back to those moments that you never want to forget.

We are carefully crafting our selection of scents to match those moments we remember fondly, but also to enhance those new moments.  Whether it is a dinner party or your new home or new baby, choose a scent for yourself or for a gift to match your mood, memories, moments or personality.

 Sweetness & Light Scents

Fresh Linen


Lavender Dreams
Imagine.. the smell of freshly laundered sheets in a hotel.

Smells...Sweet and floral, smells so good you could eat it.

Dream.. of palm trees and summer, surfboard wax and pina coladas. Relax.. Cucumber and Melon so refreshing and calming. Sleep.. like a baby and dream of Provence lavender fields.

Every day moments...

Needing a spring clean, Mother in Law visiting. 


Special moments..

Dinner parties & special occasions or just when you need a pick me up.


Indulgent moments..

Perfect for summer evenings pina colada in hand.


Intense moments..

For moments when you are feel a little stressed or fragile.  Great for a hangover.

Unwinding moments...

For times when you want to relax and prepare for a good nights sleep

Reminds you of..

Luxury hotels

Reminds you of..

Honeymoons, wedding

Reminds you of..

Beach holidays, Beach weddings, 

Reminds you of..

Channel the tranquility of your favourite spa

Reminds you of..

Nana's wardrobe

Holidays in Provence

Buy it for..

Perfect gift for a housewarming or a new mum.

Buy it for..

Set the mood for big life moments - Engagement party, Proposal

Buy it for..

For the fun and care free or those who want to remember being the fun & care free.

Buy it for..

The party goer

The detoxer

Buy it for..

The sleep deprived

New parents


Summer Scent Range

Summer Nights


Chorleywood Summer

(coming soon)

Peony Posy

Rose Delight

(coming soon)

Imagine.. Sunday afternoon with cake in an English Rose Garden

Smell.. the fresh lemon orchards of Amalfi and Sorrento.

Dream.. of walking through the English countryside.

Indulge.. in the delicate floral scent of the Peony.

Extend.. the garden inside with this classic English scent

Special moments...

Sunday brunches. 

Everyday moments..

Perfect fresh scent for the kitchen .

For the everyday..

Push away the grey august days.


For moments when you want to romance.

The everyday luxury...

Without buying fresh flowers

Reminds you of..

High Tea

Reminds you of..

A great Italian escape

Reminds you of..

Childhood summer holidays

Reminds you of..

Time to make new memories

Reminds you of..

Turkish delight

Buy it for..

Perfect gift for a bridal shower.

Buy it for..

The cook.


Buy it for..

The hiker and dog walker

Buy it for..

The boudoir

Buy it for..

The new home